About material characteristics and 3d print quality

The models printed by each printing company were reproduced and evaluated. Below is a list. Today's 3D printing technology is still evolving and is not optimal for performance evaluation.

The 3D printed mouthpiece has a problem with the smoothness of the tip rails. However, the quality of the mouthpiece, which has excellent internal structure reproducibility, is dramatically improved by the polished finish of the refacer. It is unmatched by other replica makers and replica models. Compared to other mouthpieces, our mouthpieces are excellent in reproducibility, performance and cost performance.

Unknown materials that are different from conventional materials have new tones, a feeling of being blown away, and encounters with characters. You don't know the new material for 3D printers. enjoy it!

Please contact each printing company for details on printing methods and materials.

DMM: https://make.dmm.com/print/material/

Shapeways: https: //www.shapeways.com/materials

If you want to buy a surface-polished one, please buy from mercari, yahoo auction.

・ Yahoo auction: https://auctions.yahoo.co.jp/seller/frfpm55906

・ Mercari: https://jp.mercari.com/user/profile/279038053

About DMM & Shapeways

The current recommendations are as follows. We will add information from time to time.

Quality 3d printer and material